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Locally crafted sea glass jewelry from Cape May, NJ.

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About Janet Payne Jewelry

About Janet Payne Jewelry

I start most days with a simple walk on the beach.  This has become a morning ritual to start my day in a peaceful place. Pocketing treasures along the way makes me mindful of gratitude.  The jars of sea glass quickly multiplied. “What are you going to do with all this sea glass?”, was the question I was often asked.  The reply was always the same. “I’m going to make jewelry, someday. “ That someday happened in 2006.  That is how Janet Payne Jewelry began, with a simple walk on the beach.

I collect, sort, clean and drill each piece sea glass myself. When I pick up a piece of sea glass on the beach and turn it over in my hand, I imagine what it will become – a necklace or a pair of earrings. Freshwater pearls and sterling silver findings add a touch of simple elegance to each finished piece of jewelry. Each piece of sea glass is unique and hand picked from the beach on my daily walks.  You will receive the exact piece of jewelry in the photograph. Slight imperfections in the glass are to be expected and are proof that it is pure sea glass. Stone, shell and coral props are not included.

There is something about the strength of the sea that can be felt in each piece of sea glass.  It is an honor to create jewelry from these talismans of the sea, to remind the wearer of not only the natural strength and beauty of the sea, but of their own inner strength and beauty as well. My sea glass jewelry is made from sea glass found on the beaches of Cape May unless otherwise noted in the description of the piece.

“Some of the greatest treasures on the beach are not the ones that fill your pockets they are the ones that fill your soul.”    - Janet Payne


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