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PO Box 429
Cape May Point, NJ 08212

Locally crafted sea glass jewelry from Cape May, NJ.

About Janet Payne

About Janet Payne

My connection to the sea is strong.  My grandfather grew up on a barge and became a tugboat captain. My father was a Navy signalman. I am a sailor as well as a beach walker. I live on a small island at the southern tip of NJ in Cape May.

I am very much like a piece of sea glass myself. I have been shaped by the tides of time and tumbled my way through life with degrees in Studio Art and Graphic Design. I have ebbed and flowed, designing award winning logos, teaching art and illustrating children’s books.  I am a little less rough around the edges now and my hair has become frosted. Janet Payne Jewelry has allowed me to merge my design skills and my love of the sea.  My daily walks on the beaches of Cape May are a source of constant amazement and inspiration.

“The sea has many voices.” - TS Eliot

These voices talk to me. Console and comfort, reassure and advise me.